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A New List of CG Deliverables (M18 - M38)

The Generic CrossGrid Document Template

Suggestions concerning applying the Quality Assurance Procedure to the CG deliverables
Table for the Quality Assurance Officer of each WP

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year

M3 deliverables (May 2002)

M6 deliverables (Aug 2002)

M9 deliverables (Nov 2002)

M10 deliverables (Dec 2002)

M11 deliverables (Jan 2003)

M12 deliverables (Feb 2003)

Revised deliverables (Jun 2003)

M15 deliverables (May 2003)

M18 deliverables (Aug 2003)

M19 deliverables (Sep 2003)

M21 deliverables (Nov 2003)

M23 deliverables (Jan 2004)

M24 deliverables (Feb 2004)

Revised deliverables (Jul 2004)

M27 deliverables (May 2004)

M30 deliverables (Aug 2004)

M33 deliverables (Nov 2004)

M35 deliverables (Jan 2005)

M36 deliverables (Feb 2005)

M38 deliverables (Apr 2005)