M24 deliverables


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M24 Deliverables - drafts (with reviews and CAFs) and final versions

No. Title Deliverable
D1.4 Internal progress report
Second internal SW release
CG1-D1.4-v17.0-UVA007-SecondInternalSoftwareRelease.pdf (CO)
D2.5 Demonstration and report on WP2 2nd prototypes CG2.0-D2.5-v1.2-FZK019-2ndPrototypeReport.pdf 
D3.5 Report on the results of the WP3 2nd and 3rd prototype CG3.0-D3.5-v1.2-PSNC010-Proto2Status.pdf
D4.6 WP4 status internal report update  CG4-D4.6-v1.4-CSIC016-WP4-Testbed-Status.pdf (CO)
D5.1.8 Quarterly report  CG5.1-D5.1.8-v1.2-CYF061-QuarterlyReport.pdf (CO)
D5.1.14 Yearly report CG5.1-D5.1.14-v1.2-CYF085-YearlyReport2.pdf (CO)

 CG5.1-REP-v0.3-CYF061-QualityAssuranceReport.pdf (CO)

CG5.3-REP-v1.4-DAT009-ExploitationUsePlansReport.pdf (CO)

D5.2.6 Current CrossGrid architecture assessment report CG5.2-D5.2.6-v1.3-CYF103-CGArch.pdf 


*) CO - Confidential, internal PU - Public