M6 deliverables


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M6 Deliverables - drafts (with reviews and CAFs) and final versions

No. Title Deliverables
D1.0.2 Semi-annual managerial report for WP1 CG1.0.1-D1.0.2-v1.0-UvA003-SemiAnRep.pdf (CO)
D2.2 WP2 internal progress report
- design of interfaces between tools
- design of MPI code verification tool
- design of metrics and benchmarks
- design of performance analysis tool
CG2.0-D2.2-v2.1-FZK001-DesignDocumentsSummary.pdf (CO)
CG2.2-D2.2-v1.0-UST001-VerifDesign.pdf (CO)
CG2.3-D2.2-v1.0-UCY001-GridBenchDesign.pdf (CO)
CG2.4.1-D2.2-v1.0-CYF003-PerfToolsDesign.pdf (CO)
CG2.4.2-D2.2-v1.3-USC001-ApplicationKernelAnalysis.pdf (CO)
D3.2 WP3 internal progress report
- architecture of new Grid services and tools
- design of interfaces between tools
- security issues - proposal of standard
CG3.0-D3.2-v1.2-PSNC010-ExecSummary.pdf (CO)
CG3.1-D3.2-v2-PSNC010-SecurityIssues.pdf (CO)
CG3.1-D3.2-v1.2-PSNC021-RoamingAccess&Portals.pdf (CO)
CG3.2-D3.2-v1.0-UAB020-SchedulingAgentsDesign.pdf (CO)
CG3.3-D3.2-v1.1-TCD010-ExecutiveSummary.pdf (CO)
CG3.3.1-D3.2-v1.1-CYF010-OCM-GMonitoring.pdf (CO)
CG3.3.2-D3.2-v1.2-TCD020-SantaGDesign.pdf (CO)
CG3.3.3-D3.2-v1.0-TCD100-JiroMonitoring.pdf (CO)
CG3.3.4-D3.2-v1.1-ICM010-PostProcessingAnalysis.pdf (CO)
CG3.4-D3.2-v2.0-CYF021-OptDataAccDesgRpt1.pdf (CO)
CG3.5-D3.2-v1-CSIC-TestIntegration.pdf (CO)
D4.2 First testbed set-up on selected sites
- procedures as detailed in D4.1
- deployable software will include (in due time): WP1 application prototypes, WP2 & WP3 distributed tools and middleware plus a DataGrid simple application example to test interoperability
- definition of extra-support at selected sites for deployable software
- installation kit and documentation web site (CSIC)
- setup of national CA, RA, monitoring system for this first testbed
- setup of repository software and HelpDesk at CSIC
- testbed evolution: initial setup at CSIC, one-by-one extension policy reaching all selected sites; list will include at least all CR (CYFRONET, UvA, FZK, PSNC) plus validation site (LIP)
D5.1.2 Quarterly report CG5.1-D5.1.2-v1.0-CYF003-QuarterlyReport.pdf (CO)

Full description of the CrossGrid standard operational procedures and specification of the structure of deliverables


Dissemination and exploitation plan


Public (industrial) presentations



*) CO - Confidential, internal
E  - Event
PU - Public
P  - Prototype
PP - Partially public
R  - Report