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Deliverables Final CG Review on 16th-17th February 2005
4th CG Review on 29th July 2004
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Successful CrossGrid Final Review

The EU IST CrossGrid Project IST-2001-32243 ( had its Final Review on 16-17 February 2005 in Amsterdam. The results of the Project were demonstrated at the European Grid Conference ( in a series of technical talks and live demonstrations of applications, software services and tools, deployed on the CrossGrid testbeds.

The results were appreciated by the audience, by the EU Project Officer and by the Reviewers; all internal deliverables and presentations concerning technical, managerial and exploitation issues were approved. The Final CrossGrid Review concluded successfuly.

About 200 persons from 21 institutions, representing 11 countries, contributed to the Project. The CrossGrid community is satisfied with the results produced over the last four years, and made possible by the cooperation and financial support of all partners, the EU IST F2 unit and local funding agencies.

The CrossGrid M35 (Jan 2005) and M36 (Feb 2005) deliverables have been sent to Brussels on 2nd February 2005.

The seventh issue of the GRIDSTART Newsletter is now available.
The third issue of the GRIDSTART Business Newsletter is now available.

The CrossGrid M33 (Nov 2004) deliverables have been sent to Brussels on 2nd February 2005.

IST Call 5 Preparatory Workshop on
�Advanced Grid Technologies, Systems & Services�
will take place on 31 January � 1 February 2005 in Brussels.


More info

The information about the new call
ID: [FP6-2004-Infrastructures-6]


is now available.

A meeting concerning the future of CrossGrid took place in Brussels on 2 December 2004
(participants: W. Boch, M. Lemke, M. Tsakali, M. Bubak, J. Marco, M. Turala)

 The PPT presentations from the meeting can be found below:,,

LNCS 3165 from Nicosia, Cyprus:

Grid Computing,
Second European Across Grids Conference, AxGrids 2004, Nicosia, Cyprus, January 2004, Revised Papers
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 3165
Dikaiakos, Marios D.  (Ed.) 2004, XIII, 272 p. ISBN: 3-540-22888-8

is now available online.

5th CrossGrid Integration Meeting
Lisbon, October, 17-22, 2004
The CrossGrid M30 (Aug 2004) deliverable has been sent to Brussels on 30th September 2004.
4th CrossGrid Integration Meeting
Schlo� Dagstuhl, July, 25-31, 2004

The CrossGrid M27 (May 2004) deliverable has been sent to Brussels on 7th July 2004.

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