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     The CrossGrid project is divided into four workpackages which deal with the technical aspects of the project, and one workpackage dealing with management, dissemination, and exploitation:

bullet WP1 CrossGrid Application Development,
bullet WP2 Grid Application Programming Environments develops, integrates and tests tools that facilitate the development and tuning of parallel distributed, interactive applications on the Grid.
bullet WP3 New Grid Services and Tools develops the new, generic CG services and software infrastructure to support the Grid users, applications and tools as defined in the workpackages WP1 and WP2.
bullet WP4 International Testbed Organisation collects all of the developments from the workpackages WP1-3 and integrates them into successive software releases. It also gathers and transmits all feedback from the end-to-end application experiments back to the developers, thereby linking development, testing, and user experience.
bullet WP5 Project Management ensures the professional management of the project and active dissemination and exploitation of its results.

The local WP web sites deliver not only the general descriptions of their tasks but also the current status of all tasks within the given WP.

All the technical tasks are coupled and they form one logical structure, with applications at one end and the infrastructure at the other, and with intermediate programming environment and software tools in-between. The whole project is factorised into a number of individual tasks, each of which has one or a few institutions attached. The technical and managerial responsibilities for the four workpackages lie primarily with their leaders, who are the top experts in their fields, and who originate from the principal contractors of the Consortium. It is up to these managers to prepare the work plan for these workpackages and to report periodically on the progress (deliverables). All these tasks have to be synchronised by the central management.

Detailed information on the project can be found in "Annex1 - Description of Work" containing the overall project presentation and its implementation plan.

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