CrossGrid MSc and PhD Theses


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1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Author (s) Title Author (s) Title Author (s) Title
Student MSc Thesis, September 2002 PhD Thesis,  2003 PhD Thesis,  December 2004
T. Szepieniec A Proposal of the Grid Applications Monitoring System (supervisor M. Bubak) Lukasz Dutka, AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Electrical
Engineering, Automatics,
Computer Science and Electronics
 "Component Expert Architecture for Large-scale Systems".
Cracow 2003. PhD Thesis. Submitted in
partial fulfillement of the
requirements for the degree of PhD
Zhiming Zhao, University of Amsterdam An Agent Based Architecture for Constructing Interactive Simulation Systems
    Student MSc. Theses, September 2003 Student MSc. Theses, June 2004
    G. Sladowski, Cracow Technical University Measurements of the transmission parameters between CERN and INP and an estimate of the usefulness of the CrossGrid resources for high-level data filtration in the ATLAS experiment (supervisor P. Malecki) Michal Kapalka (AGH Krakow) Distributed, Semantics-Based Workflow Composition on a Grid (supervisor M. Bubak)
    S. Guja, Cracow Technical University Studies of the throughput of the HP ProCurve 4000M switch as a function of transmission parameters (supervisor P. Malecki) Michal Węgiel (AGH Krakow) Adaptation of Legacy Software to Grid Services (supervisor M. Bubak)
    M. Wieczorek, AGH Cracow Storage and analysis system for data intensive High Energy Physics applications (supervisor M. Bubak)    
    Student MSc. Theses, June 2003    
    M. Radecki (Cyfronet) Implementation of the OCM-G - A Grid Application Monitoring System (supervisor M. Bubak)    
    W. Rzasa (Cyfronet) Security for the Grid Application Monitoring System (supervisor M. Bubak)    
    T. Gubala, K. Górka (Cyfronet) A Solution to Grid Application Workflow Composition System (supervisor M. Bubak)