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CrossGrid aims to develop new Grid services and tools for interactive compute- and data-intensive applications like the biomedical simulation and visualization for vascular surgical procedures, the flooding crisis team decision support system, distributed data analysis in high energy physics and air pollution combined with weather forecasting.

The development of these interactive grid applications is facilitated by the tool environment: the MPI verification tool, the benchmarking suite combined with the performance prediction tool and the G-PM tool that uses the on-line grid application monitoring system OCM-G to help measure and analyze the performance of Grid applications.

The CrossGrid software is based on the Globus Toolkit and the EU DataGrid components. The new Grid services that are developed within the Project include the portal and Migrating Desktop user environment, the scheduling support for MPI applications on the Grid, the monitoring systems: OCM-G for applications and SANTA-G with JIMS for infrastructure, and optimization of data access.

The CrossGrid tutorial comprises presentations and training exercises prepared in order to familiarize the user with the area of Grid computing, being researched by the CrossGrid project. The tools aimed at both users and Grid application developers are presented. The exercises cover many subjects, from user-friendly utilities for handling Grid jobs, through interactive monitoring of applications and infrastructure, to data access optimization mechanisms.  



CG Tutorial during the European Grid Conference 2005 (EGC2005), 16 February 2005, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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Any questions regarding the CG Tutorial should be directed to Tomasz Szepieniec.