EGC 2005 CG Tutorial


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The CG Tutorial is held in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) during the European Grid Conference 2005 (EGC2005), on February 16, 2005.

Introduction to CrossGrid

The Tutorial consists of the following exercises:

bullet Migrating Desktop (PPT presentation)
bullet Scheduler (PPT presentation, input file: scheduler_cgw04.tgz)
bullet MARMOT
bullet Grid Application Monitoring with OCM-G Tool (PPT presentation, input file: ocmg-tut-exercise.tgz)
bullet Performance Measurement Using G-PM (PPT presentation)

Prerequisites for participants:

bulletBasic knowledge of the Linux user environment (shell, editor, etc.) and elementary acquaintance with Grid technologies is necessary to complete the exercises.
bulletThe following files are required for User Interface and local machine.