Objectives of the CrossGrid Workshop at Linz,
September 27-29, 2002

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After M6 WPs 1-3 of our Project will start to develop prototypes of the applications, tool environment, and the new grid services, while WP4 will be working on launching the 1st testbed.

From our previous experience with deliverables it follows that we should have them ready at least 1 month before deadline given in Annex-1. Our next deliverables will be based on WORKING software, so maybe 2 months are necessary?

The next deliverables are (in very short):

bullet M9
bullet WP4 internal status report
bullet WP5 CrossGrid website
bullet M10
bullet WP4 1st testbed prototype release
bullet M11
bullet WP5 Project leaflet/brochure
bullet WP5 Dissemination and exploitation report
bullet All CrossGrid yearly meeting (conference)
bullet M12
bullet WP1 First software release
bullet WP2 First prototypes
bullet WP3 First prototypes
bullet WP5 Report on requirements on integration and interoperability with DataGrid
bullet WP5 Yearly report

and on M12 we have 1st EU review of our Project!!!

To do this job we need direct contacts between people working on the above listed issues.

CrossGrid Workshop at Linz is the unique opportunity to meet to:

bullet evaluate the current status of all tasks,
bullet contact with partners who are developing software we are going to use, to precise intefaces and functionality,
bullet understand what we may expect as 1st prototypes,
bullet learn what are plans for the setting up testbeds,
bullet agree about common rules for software development,
bullet decide together how we are going to organise the 1st EU review, to distribute obligations,
bullet talk with DataGrid representative,
bullet discuss the technology for the future.

The preliminary program is available at:

The working materials for the Workshop are:

bullet deliverables M3 and M6 (available at our www)
bullet preliminary presentations of prototypes of each WP (it would be great to have them on our www before September 20).

(Please, notice that this time we are not going to print them!)