Intranet Cooperation

The EU funded GRIDSTART cluster project (IST-2001-34808) has
been launched in April 2002. The project embraces ten EU Grid projects:
DAMIEN, EUROGRID, GRIP, CROSSGRID, GRIA, DATATAG, EGSO, GRIDLAB, AVO, DATAGRID, which are represented by their corresponding coordinators. On 29-30 April 2002 a first meeting of all participants was hosted by the European Southern Observatory in Garching (D).

The main objective of the GRIDSTART project are:

consolidate technical advances across all GRID projects,
drive forward GRID developments in different application areas,
ensure the European role in the setting of international GRID
stimulate the early take-up by industry and research of Grid-enabled applications,
encourage interaction amongst similar activities within Europe and worldwide
provide associate membership to other suitable EU and national projects.