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First IST Concertation Meeting on Grid Research

The "First IST Concertation Meeting on Grid Research" was held in Brussels on June 18-19, 2003. The meeting, organized jointly by the European Comission and the GridStart project addressed work in ongoing FP5 projects related to Grid technologies and applications: BIOGRID, GEMSS, MAMMOGRID, EGSO, MMAPS, COG, MOSES, DAMIEN, DATAGRID, DATATAG, EUROGRID, ASP-BP, CROSSGRID, FLOWGRID, GRACE, GRASP, GRIA, GRIDLAB, GRIDSTART, GRIP, OPENMOLGRID, SELENE, WEBSI.

The objectives of the meeting were:


to improve information exchange between projects regarding progress of technological developments in the Grid domain;


to improve and consolidate the technical inventory and roadmap for research of Grid technologies and applications in Europe, currently under preparation by GridStart;


to establish a coherent set of small Technical Working Groups with the following aims:


to identify gaps and synergies in European Grid technology developments,


to initiate strengthened collaboration between individual projects,


to discuss European contributions to standardization.

The introductory part of the meeting included presentations from the European Commission, by L. Rodriguez-Rosello (Director of the European Commission DG-INFSO F) and W.Boch (Head of Unit Grids for Complex Problem Solving), and from GridStart, by M. Parsons (GridStart Project Co-ordinator) and D. Erwin (head of the GridStart standardisation work package). A Panel discussion with an audience was chaired by W. Boch (Panel members included: F. Gagliardi, J. Nabrzyski, M. Parsons, D. Erwin).

Six working groups were organised and their objectives were set-up by M. Lemke (Deputy Head of Unit Grids for Complex Problem Solving):


WG1 on Grid Applications / Grid Benefits


WG2 on Grid for VO/ Security / Knowledge Discovery


WG3 on Data Management / Performance Monitoring


WG4 on Problem Solving Environments / Programming Environments


WG5 on Bussines Model / Accounting / QoS / SLA


WG6 on Grid Architecture / Middleware / Interoperability / Scheduling / Resource Discovery

CrossGrid was represented by M. Bubak, Y. Cotronis, M. Dikaiakos, L. Hluchy, J. Marco and N. Meyer, who participated in the discussions of the working groups and who gave presentations on behalf of the collaboration:

Author Title File

Michal Turala

CrossGrid Project Applications


Jesus Marco

Virtual Organizations, Security and Knowledge Discovery in the CrossGrid Project


Marios Dikaiakos CrossGrid Application Programming Environment


The meeting concluded with the intention to continue the work. CrossGrid has expressed interest in organizing a second Across Grids Conference in Cyprus (January 2004) and setting up a research group on interactive applications at GGF11 in Frankfurt (March 2004)