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The definition and improvement of the CrossGrid architecture, which deployed on the final Grid framework, is of great importance. It has started with the definition of the application requirements and a selection of the necessary Grid middleware in the programming environment and the testbeds, and finally will validate it in the testbed environment. The quality assurance criteria and procedures have been defined, and a critical review of the technical progress of the Project will be periodically done and reported. The project architecture should ensure the overall coherence across the different WPs, identify parallel efforts, provide technical guidance, and contact with the adequate committees, external consultants, for assessment of technical issues. The detailed comparison with the DataGrid architecture is also being discussed. The evolution of this architecture, taking into account the development of any new standards, is an obvious requirement. An Architecture Task Leader (ATL) has been appointed at Cyfronet Cracow and he has set-up an Architecture Team (AT), which consists of local experts and representatives of the CrossGrid Work Packages.


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