This exercise has 3 parts:

  1. Executing a CPU Benchmark.

  2. Executing a Memory benchmark with JIMS monitoring

  3. Creating charts

Part 1:

  1. Start the GridBench interface by clicking on the GridBench logo in the MD toolbar.

  2. On the GridBench interface select "EPWhetstone" prompt the "Benchmark Templates" list, this will show the "EPWhetstone" configuration panel on the right.

  3. You need not modify any parameters for now. (Note the cpu count will be automaticly updated when a Computing Element is selected)

  4. Click on the "Location" tab.

  5. Click on "new resource". (currently only one resource is allowed, additional resources will be ignored)

  6. Click the "MDS" button; this will populate the "CE" list which is immediately to it's right.

  7. Select a Computing Element from the "CE" list. The number of CPUs is automatically populated (you may need to modify the number of CPUs or the number of Worker Nodes, since a Worker Node may have more than one CPU)

  8. This was the configuration for a simple benchmark. Click on the "JDL" and "RSL" tabs to preview the generated job descriptions.

  9. On the bottom left of the GridBench interface select "RSL" from the drop-down list.

  10. Click the "Submit" button.

  11. The Benchmark should take a couple of minutes to run. When it is finished, the results will be made available in the "Browse" tab.

  12. Click on the "Browse" tab.

  13. Click "refresh".

  14. You should be able to identify the benchmark that you just executed? in the "Benchmark Runs" list (the format is <benchmark>-<ce>-<date> ;the date is in the format YYMMDDhhmmss). If the benchmark is not in the list, it may not have finished yet, so perform a "refresh" (every minute or so) until it appears.

  15. Once you've found your "benchmark run" select it and it will appear on the right panel.

  16. Select the "Metrics" tab:

  17. Click on "whetstone_mips". You can observe the result of the benchmark, from each Worker Node that participated in the benchmark. the value is in "Whetstone instructions per second".