1      to Launch the tool

  1. The file with the sparse matrix for this exercise must be in the Virtual Directory of MD.
  2. Open the PPC Viewer directly from Migrating Desktop. In the main window, it appears four menus.

         Grid: get/set the Grid parameters

         Kernel: select the kernel to be predicted

         Display: show prediction results


2      to get and show grid related information


  1. Get the information provided by JIMS (Grid menu → Monitoring → Get data)
  2. Show the grid information (Grid menu → Monitoring → Show data)

         Show the information of a specific node (Select a node number)

3      to select the kernel


  1. Select the kernel to be predicted (in this exercise, the Iterative Solvers)
  1. In the new pop-up window, select the number of rows/columns of the processor mesh

4      to display the results


  1. Display the results (Display menu)