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Project Coordination:
bulletProject Coordinator (PC) accompanied by the Project Secretary (PS) is responsible for:
bullet representation of the Project at the EU Brussels office,
bullet efficient long-term and daily administration of the Project,
bulletadministrative and financial coordination (PS),
bullet conflict solving,
bulletperiodic work progress reports,
bulletproject documentation


bulletProject Management:

 CrossGrid Architecture Team (AT) is responsible for technical co-ordination, e.g.:
bullet definition of the overall CrossGrid architecture, 
bullet establishing the rules for component transfer from other Grids and integration into CrossGrid, 
bullet selection of appropriate software engineering development methodologies, 
bullet definition of measures necessary for interoperability with other Grids,
bullet definition of quality assurance criteria and procedures, reviewing of the technical progress of the Project.


   Project Dissemination - the central dissemination tasks are:
bulletcreation and maintenance of the CrossGrid Web Portal,
bulletorganisation of the workshops and conferences,
bulletprovide prompt information on ongoing and forthcoming events related to Grid technologies,
bulletcollect results of the CrossGrid project, which are of wider interests, and to prepare them in a form appropriate for external presentations,
bulletidentify CrossGrid products, which could be a general interest, and to promote them,
bulletpreparing of the project brochure.


Managerial Bodies:
bulletWokpackage management
bulletProject technical coordination
bullet Project Steering Group (PSG)
bulletInternal Review Board (IRB) which is to guarantee the quality of external project deliverables prior to their release to the European Commission and the public. It consists of a group of experts belonging to the CrossGrid Consortium.
bulletCollaboration Board (CB) - consisting of the representatives of each partner and chaired by a person elected at the beginning of the Project, will supervise the global progress of the project and will deal with strategic and contractual issues concerning the project. The CB will meet yearly.
bulletDissemination Team