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The main objective of the CG Central Dissemination is to assist the CrossGrid partners and the project management in their dissemination duties, e.g.:


to collect results of the CrossGrid project, which are of wider/general interests, and to prepare them in a form appropriate for external presentations. It is planned to publicise the concept of the Grid especially in new countries, and the CrossGrid applications for this purpose high quality PR materials will be prepared (a CrossGrid leaflet). There will be also a need to prepare more elaborated materials for the communities of potentially interested: students, researchers, public administration, etc. such materials could be assembled as a set of presentations, which could be used by every partner of the consortium, when at need.


to identify CrossGrid products, which could be a broader/ general interest, and to promote them. We believe that CrossGrid special software and tools will be attractive for some professionals, and that the CrossGrid application will be of interest of governmental agencies, hospitals, research communities - an active promotion of our developments will help to transfer this information to the right people. Participation in the Industry&Research DataGrid Forum will provide an opportunity. We also plan that CrossGrid industrial presentations will accompany some international conferences and fairs.